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Dana Hills Lacrosse

Parent Volunteer Team

We are in need of volunteers to fill key positions on the volunteer board.
Please contact our Team Manager, Joanna Iltis for more info and to sign up. Thank you!

2017 - 2018 Parent Volunteer Team

Team Manager  -  Joanna Iltis
[email protected]

Treasurer  -  Chris Damore
[email protected]

Fundraising Co-Chairs  -  (open 2 positions)

(Work with Players – coordinate with and team captains and team families to organize 2 or more fundraisers. Set a goal for amount to be raised for the year.)

Player Uniforms/Helmets  -  (open position)

(Coordinate with Coaches)

Spirit Wear  -  Heather Allain
[email protected]

Incoming and New Player Liaison - Heather Allain
[email protected]

Home Game Positions:
Score Table (open 2 positions)

(Take stats, penalty time, keep score at home games)

Announcer (open position)

(Announce goals made with roster of both teams, start music for national anthem and keep time at home games)

Away Game Positions:
Scores Table (open 2 positions)

(Take stats, penalty time, keep score at away games)

Snack Bar Coordinatior  -  (open position)

(Inventory snack bar items and coordinate donations &/purchases, Coordinate volunteers to work snack bar on home game nights JV and Varsity.)

Special Events Coordinator  -  (open 2 positions: JV / Varsity)

(Team Building Events: Team Building Activities, JV and Varsity Dinners, Team Picnic, Parent Night Out etc.)

Senior Night Coordinator  -  (open position)

Military Liaison  -  (open position)

End of the Year Banquet Co-Chair  -  (open 2 positions)

Website & Graphics  -  Kris Cornett
[email protected]